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i was all horns and thorns...

... sprung out fully formed, knock-kneed and upright



you're going to have to
save yourself.

- charles bukowski

I try not to apply labels on myself (they're for jars, not people) but if I had to check myself off on a form, this how it would go: Female. 21. Writer. Liberal. Bi. Vegetarian. Pagan. Fangirl. College student. English and Psychology major.

My journal is an over all hospitable place where I go to post my thoughts and my fic. We have cookies here and we encourage that you buy a postcard while in the area, particularly because this is a strange land populated by pleasantly odd people. But a few disclaimers:

No bigots allowed here, please. Let's just make it a ignorance-free zone. I happily coexist with those with which I have differing opinions, because one thing I've learned is that I can't expect someone on the "other side" to respect my views if I don't do the same in return. So anticipate that being a two-way street.

One thing that I think I should say is DON'T get scared off by my ship list. I don't discriminate when it comes to friending. I won't bite. You might notice that my non-cannon ship list is longer than my cannon one, and this plays a part in both my opinions on fandom and the fic you'll find here. However, I ask that you not bring the ugliness of ship hate (or any kind of hate, actually) onto this journal. Simple.

All entries are f-locked, except for my fic and the rare public fandom post.

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{television} angel, battlestar galactica, buffy the vampire slayer, chuck, community, dead like me, gilmore girls, generation kill, glee, how i met your mother, lost, miranda, misfits, pushing daisies, sex in the city, the office, the big bang theory, true blood, weeds {books} twilight by stephanie meyer, harry potter by jk rowling, slaughterhouse-five by kurt vonnegut, the bell jar by sylvia plath, don't get too comfortable by david rakoff, the sex lives of cannibals by j. maaten troot, why girls are weird by pamela ribon {ships} *het* sheldon/penny, puck/rachel, eric/sookie, jeff/britta, rory/jess, nathan/kelly, barney/robin, jim/pam, kelly/andy, chuck/ned, buffy/angel, buffy/spike, marshall/lily, kara/lee, jack/kate, helo/sharon, mason/daisy, simon/alisha, sawyer/claire, alice/emmett, jasper/rosalie, annie/troy, annie/abed, britta/troy *slash* kate/sun, santana/brittany, alice/rosalie, alice/bella, pam/karen, brad/ray, troy/abed, rachel/quinn, kate/ana, kate/juliet, shannon/ana, tanya/rosalie *other* jack/sawyer/claire, alice/bella/emmett{film} juno, young frankenstein, monty python and the holy grail, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, little miss sunshine, donnie darko, pirates of the carribean, harold and maude, alice, the darjeeling limited, brokeback mountain, rear window, annie hall, clueless, monsoon wedding, beetlejuice, the joy luck club, what dreams may come. {music}regina spektor, death cab for cutie, neko case, damien rice, feist, the beatles, rilo kiley/jenny lewis, the decemberists, tegan and sara, julia nunes, laura marling, cat power, the chalets, chris garneau, fiona apple, kimya dawson, bjork, fountains of wayne, modest mouse, cold war kids, franz ferdinand, arcade fire, joshua radin, scatteredtrees, iron & wine, florence + the machine, kate nash, mirah, the killers, muse, weezer, metric, white stripes, joanna newsom, the pipettes, placebo, the postal service, ida maria, wolfmother, snow patrol, bright eyes, arctic monkeys, emiliana torrini, kimya dawson, radiohead, laura veirs, st. vincent, bon iver {random things that make me happy} brightly colored lipstick, questionable subtext, the perfect cup of coffee, acoustic guitar, pocket-sized animals, that band no one's ever heard of, a precisely matched outfit, seeing beauty in ugly things, snow-covered tree branches, watching the sun rise at the beginning of a road trip, rediscovering something old, spring air, open-mindedness, stepping on crunchy autumn leaves, listening to that song/watching that movie/seeing that person you forgot you loved so much, foggy mornings, baking pretty cupcakes, inverting stereotypes, thunder storms
My policy on friending: I will friend anyone who comments on my journal to tell me, or if we already know each other some way. I love making new friends, but I don't add back those that are just doing it to keep track of my fic.
I have claims at 50_darkfics (Lost general series with slybrunette ), 10_cliche_fics(Lost general series), a multi-fandom fc_smorgasbord claim and two centi_50 claims (The Office and Twilight general series). I created/mod officegirlslash.

If you're looking for fic I've written, check here.
If you're looking for fic I'd recommend, check here.

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abed/annie, abed/troy, alias, alice/bella, alice/rosalie, angel, animal rights, arcade fire, arctic monkeys, barney/robin, battlestar galactica, beecher/keller, bon iver, brad/ray, bright eyes, britta/troy, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/angel, cat power, chris garneau, chuck, chuck/ned, claire/sawyer, cold war kids, community, damien rice, dead like me, death cab for cutie, debating, double majoring, emiliana torrini, emmett/alice, eric/sookie, fanfiction, feist, femslash, fiona apple, florence + the machine, fountains of wayne, franz ferdinand, frou frou, generation kill, gilmore girls, glee, harry potter, helo/sharon, himym, ida maria, iron & wine, jack johnson, jack/kate, jack/sawyer/claire, jawyercita, jeff/britta, jenny lewis, jim/pam, joanna newsom, jon stewart, joss whedon, julia nunes, kara/lee, kate nash, kate/ana-lucia, kate/juliet, kate/sun, kelly/andy, kimya dawson, laura marling, lost, marshall/lily, mason/daisy, metric, mirah, miranda, misfits, modest mouse, monsters of folk, muse, nathan/kelly, neko case, ok go, oz, oz/willow, paganism, pam/karen, placebo, politics, president obama, psychology, puck/rachel, puckleberry, pushing daisies, ray/walt, regina spektor, rilo kiley, rory/jess, santana/brittany, sawyer/claire, sex and the city, sheldon/penny, shopping, simon/alisha, snow patrol, spike/buffy, st. vincent, stephen colbert, tanya/rosalie, tegan and sara, the beatles, the big bang theory, the chalets, the decemberists, the killers, the office, the pipettes, the postal service, the shins, the weepies, troy/annie, true blood, tv marathons, twilight, vegetarianism, weeds, white stripes, willow/tara, witchcraft, wolfmother, writing